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A Sailor's Choice

Learn to enjoy the pleasures of rum, just as our finest sailors have.


Enjoyed by our great explorers when the sails were full of warm air and relied upon as they battled vicious swells, rum was present during some of history's most famous and successful conquests.

When Columbus introduced sugar cane to the Eastern Caribbean Islands in 1492, it spread like wildfire across to the east coast of Central America from Puerto Rico, all the way down the west coast of South America to Brazil. Little did anyone know that the creation of rum would thrive in a wildly tropical environment.

Over centuries we have seen it round the hearts of even the most hardened men. Hunter S Thompson wrote a novel about it. John F Kennedy brought in his first term of presidency with it, and everyone from Caribbean islanders to the remote desert dwellers has enjoyed it. Rum is the ghostwriter, the map-reader and the first mate.

As the product has made its way around the globe, its distinct sugarcane scent and tropical association has fuelled cocktail inspiration and has been central to iconic recipes.

Some of these include the ever-popular mojito and pina colada that we have all enjoyed on a hot summer's day, giving rum a fun reputation, which is easily associated with sunshine and warm weather.

Think of this as something to get your imagination started and enlist your tropical mood to start the journey. 

Based on the drink's roots, you should mix it with tropical fruits and flavours from the Caribbean, and through this logic, the options are endless. Embark upon your rum adventure by mixing a healthy amount of Jamaican dark rum into a tall glass. Add a splash of orange juice, a dash of lemon juice and a good pinch of sugar. Add ice and stir. Top the glass with some Schweppes dry ginger ale and add a couple wedges of citrus to finish. Welcome aboard.

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