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Internationally renowned street artist, Stormie Mills has built a career around his expressive, character-based work. Residing in Perth, this creative fellow enjoys a good cocktail just as we all do. This week, we caught up with him to talk about where he finds his inspiration and how he forms his creative processes.


My name is: Stormie Mills

I am a: painter. I paint pictures, sometimes on walls, sometimes on canvas and sometimes on found objects.

I spend my days: drawing and painting, mostly in my studio, making and creating work for exhibitions and installations.

By night, I: am either watching TV and/or drawing. Some nights I'm out painting walls.

My creative process involves: watching people. Whether it be driving past someone or drinking a coffee and then you see someone that moves in a way that requires further examination, it can lead to a work or an idea that later becomes a work. Once I've seen something, it's locked into a mental snapshot that will be drafted later on. In the process of trying to work that person out or get to their emotional content, a phrase or saying or quotation of sorts will present itself and that becomes the title of the work that either explains the work or positions a question based on my interpretation of the person.

I find inspiration in: people, their tenacity and will, and I admire those who never give up. As Harry Crews said, “survival is triumph enough".

At the moment, I'm working on: a bunch of different things. A painting for someone that liked one I did earlier in the year and they wanted something similar called Three brothers stood apart. I'm also co-ordinating a motorbike/camping trip for 15 or so of my friends which will be over four days and 2000 kilometres in early November, building a hot rod, planning out what I'm doing for 2013, planning a really big wall I want to do in December, as well as re-painting a bus shelter commission I did in Fremantle in 2003, plus some other stuff…

When at home, I indulge by mixing myself a: vodka and tonic on the rocks, with a squeeze of fresh lime.

My favourite drinks ingredient is: tequila, but a good martini is hard to beat if the vodka is good.

You can never have enough: time! It's preciously short here with the ones you love and to do all the things we should/need to do but it's something we seem to waste so easily.

Cocktails remind me of: depending on the cocktail, margaritas remind me of LA, frozen ones of Oaxaca, Mexico and martinis [if they are shaken] of Antarctica…

My perfect night at home involves: a barbecue of vegetables and haloumi with any of the above drinks and dinner with Melissa.

Cheers to: absent friends from all your friends still here…

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