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Here, we introduce you to some creative people with cool jobs, who also enjoy normal things.

Marc “Snapper" Holland is one of Australia's best amateur skaters. Always on the go, we caught up with Marc to talk skateboarding and cocktails.


My name is: Marc Holland.


I am a: skateboarding coach.


I spend my days: skateboarding ,painting and drawing a lot - spending time with friends in general.


By night, I: walk into random bars until one feels right.


My creative process involves: spirits in first, soda and fruits in last!


I find inspiration in: things that I find lying around or anything free.


At the moment I'm working on: saving my money to go travelling and a painting that's taking me ages to finish.


When at home, I indulge by mixing myself a: gin, dry ginger and fresh lime.


My favourite drinks ingredient is: lemon or limes.


You can never have enough: fresh fruit!


Cocktails remind me of: fancy bars, where they don't need to be.


My perfect night at home involves: having a few friends around and relaxing in the back yard having a drink. Some tunes in the background would be rad too.


Cheers to: All my friends.



Marc “Snapper" Holland for Foundation

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