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Allow me to Introduce Myself

We would like to introduce you to some creative people with cool jobs, who also enjoy normal things.


It's funny how we admire people with cool jobs; jealous of how they live their lives and what they do on a day-to-day basis. Interestingly enough, they are just like us and enjoy a drink every now and then just as we do… 

My name is: Gillian Cosgriff

I am a: Cabaret Performer and Writer

I spend my days: Procrastinating. Writing. Singing.

By night, I: Perform! Singing, acting, and playing music. 

My creative process involves: Eavesdropping on trams.

I find inspiration in: The most unlikely places.

At the moment I'm working on: A new show...

When at home, I indulge by mixing myself a: Gin & Tonic, with some cucumber or pink grapefruit. 

My favourite drinks ingredient is: Citrus of all sorts.

You can never have enough: Time. Or avocado.

Cocktails remind me of: Summer. I enjoy drinking cocktails when the weather is warmer!

My perfect night at home involves: Good friends, a delicious takeaway, some cheeky drinks and my piano.

Cheers to: Summer, may it get here soon!

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