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Ash-adorned Cocktails


Yeah you read it right: ash. But thankfully unlike the remnants of a cigarette, this ash can’t be found deep in an ashtray. Rather we’re referring to lemon ash-flavoured lollipop garnishes made with lemon peels and caramel.

The creative genius behind them is Jason Wiles, head bartender at Poste Brassiere in Washington. "I peel lemons and take the rinds and put them into the oven until they turn a dark brown," he says. Wiles puts the lemon peels in a coffee grinder to make the “lemon ash.” The ash is then sprinkled onto a quick caramel and shaped in flames.

The exclusive Amsterdam Coffeehouse cocktail comes in at $17, which seems pretty steep for a lollipop until you discover the calibre of ingredients inside the glass.


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