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Best Cocktail Story: Chelsea Bagan (aka Trophy Wife)


Chelsea Bagan is better known as Trophy Wife: the face (and nails) behind Trophy Wife Nail Art. Since 2010 she’s been creating masterpieces on tiny, keratin canvases and is largely responsibly for nail art’s huge popularity surge in Melbourne. In short: she’s the queen of the novelty manicure.

It’s hard for me to point to a single cocktail story that stands out above the rest. The simple act of preparing and drinking a cocktail makes a gal feel so super-luxe it seems like a shame to focus on one single moment in our history together. There’s just something about them; even in a pair of sneakers and jeans if you hold a cocktail in one hand you’ve got instant class.

Personally this relationship can be bittersweet, while it’s easy to feel classy clutching your cocktail, it’s not always easy to remain that way. Keeping this relationship more Wills and Kate and less Peggy and Al is something I feel you learn over time.

I’ve noticed that with age you start to appreciate the subtle nuances that make a cocktail special: the fact it’s actually in a glass, or that it’s a rich auburn instead of fluro blue and brimming with fruit tingles. In the spirit of “cocktail revolutions” I thought I’d give a brief synopsis of my cocktail evolution: the place this great story love started. 

In 2005 I was rocking vodka in a plastic drink bottle (that’s kind of like a martini right?) and doing body rolls to Britney. Fast-forward to 2007, a year mostly out of focus due to the effects frozen margaritas brain freezes have on your eyes.  By 2008 I’d discovered Mai Tai Lounges' half-price ladies night—and coincidentally spent a lot of quality time with a double pickle cheeseburger at the burger joint across the road.

To be honest, it probably wasn’t until 2010 that I really started to get the hang of things; I was spending a lot more time with Tom Collins and distanced myself from my destructive relationship with 2am burgers. Even though our past has been rocky at times, cocktails and I have been through so much together we have developed a sturdy bond, a mutual respect, and I can’t help but feel that all that training was leading to this moment.

And now it’s all come full-circle to today, at twenty-five, where I’m obviously such a pro I get asked to write stories about them.


Follow Chelsea’s lead with a Tom Collins

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