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Best Cocktail Story: Spod


Spod is an Australian indie/electro hero who by his own description creates the songs your heart yearns for and the music encounters that your body needs.

I recently went on a Boys Trip/Bucks Weekend with a bunch of good blokes where we figured we needed a signature cocktail to dedicate the weekend to. It needed to be something challenging enough that we'd all feel more like real men, but with a hint of fantasy to ignite our time with the right level of intensity.  

We juggled some ideas around and started playing with ingredients.  We had a pretty good spread of booze and mixers ready to go, but finding that original cocktail that'd please and disgust 13 guys at once was proving to be tricky.  We tried every variation we could with Spiced Rum, Vodka, Whisky, some weird polish version of Baileys that kind of smelt like rotten meat, Midori, Soda, Cola, limes, and Ginger Beer.  

All classic ingredients for a solid mix of pure punishment.  We conceded defeat rather early and moved onto some nice and easy Spiced Rum with Ginger Beer and Lime.  We knew we weren't up to the challenge just yet but we had to find a suitable name for the cocktail and turned our attention to that task.  

We came to the conclusion that the real cocktail was the journey of the night, and the way you'd explain what we did that weekend would be only told by tapping the side of your nose knowingly like a cheeky butler with a secret and say we had a few “Monkey Fingers” with a subtle wink.

The true ingredients of a Monkey Finger will never be revealed, and must be found in your own adventures, but here is one of the cocktails that would befit such a voyage.


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