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We've all had the opportunity to enjoy our favourite drinks in some of the country's best cocktail institutions. But how to create these concoctions at home? Simple, just ask the bartender.

To start with, we asked the guys at Bar Americano to show us how to shake a refreshing Silver Gin Fizz, using some pretty standard ingredients. Go for it; simply cast your eyes on the instructions below:

Bar Americano's Silver Gin Fizz

  • A large dash of gin
  • The juice of one whole lemon
  • A dash of gomme syrup (gomme syrup is made by combining 2 parts sugar to one part water over heat until sugar has dissolved to make a thick sugar syrup)
  • One egg white


Place all ingredients into cocktail shaker. Give the ingredients a 'dry' shake without ice to emulsify the egg white. Then fill shaker with blocked ice and shake. Double strain into a chilled glass and top with a dash of soda water to serve.

Professional drinks at home. Easy.

Bar Americano
20 Presgrave Place
Melbourne, Victoria
(03) 9428 0055

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