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Cooking with Alcohol

Have some fun experimenting with some food, as well as drink recipes.


Our parents have fed us booze since we were kids. Think about it - rum and raisin ice cream, butterscotch sauce, brandy pudding, steak and Guinness pie - the list goes on and on. We've been trained to eat these favourites from a young age, so how to change them around to suit our modern tastes? Experiment at home!

Well acquainted with incorporating alcohol into his dishes, Chris Badenoch, the man behind Melbourne restaurant, Josie Bones, advises to "start simple, beginning with the classics. The idea of taking what is originally considered an accompaniment and making it one of the star players in a meal is an exciting prospect." Badenoch explains:

I often see recipes that say 'add half a cup of beer' and I think, why? It adds absolutely nothing; it just looks good to cook with it. My thing is, if it's not going to add anything to the dish then why not just drink it on its own and leave it out?" Adding a dash and a splash and experimenting is what it's all about, but it's worth having a quick think before slapping it in. Needless to say, it's about having a bit of fun as well, so make sure you play around with options you enjoy and have handy.

Whether savoury or sweet, it's really not that hard and as a starting point, you could just play around with what is available or go for whatever is ripest in your fruit bowl. Try it out; spend your next Sunday afternoon with a refreshing Pimms pop in hand.

Saint Clements Pimms pop:

  • Three parts Schweppes lemonade
  • One parts Pimms
  • Chopped up fruit
  • Three parts orange juice
  • Some orange rind
  • A dash of lemon juice
  • A few mint leaves, finely shredded

Mix all ingredients together and set into an icy pole mould. Freeze. Eat.

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