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Creative Cocktail: Sangria is Peachy


If you’ve got a few pals coming over on a Sunday afternoon, there’s no surer way to please than whipping up a bowl of Sangria. Ludicrously easy to make (and just as easy to drink), all it takes is some wine, fruit, soda and a bowl.

With summer well on its way, this Peach Sangria (inspired by a classic recipe by national treasure Margaret Fulton) takes advantage of the delicious seasonal fruits that are ripening right now.

To prepare, make sure you’ve bunged a bottle of dry Spanish red in the fridge the night before.

Next, pour equal amounts sugar and water into a saucepan, chuck in a cinnamon stick, and bring to the boil. Once it’s bubbling and the sugar’s dissolved, allow it to cool before adding a sliced lemon and sliced peach. Let the fruit marinate in the sugar syrup for a few hours - or overnight if you’ve got the time.

When your guests arrive, simply fill a punchbowl or pitcher with ice, pour in the fruit and syrup, tip in your bottle of chilled red wine, throw in about a cup of brandy and top off with Schweppes Soda Water to taste. Give the pitcher a gentle stir with a wooden spoon before serving to your guests.


Peach Sangria

Red Wine (a Spanish varietal, if available)

Schweppes Soda Water





Cinnamon stick



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