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Creative Cocktail: Vodka Pina Colada


Perhaps the most persistently popular classic cocktail is, of course, the Pina Colada. Invented sometime in the 1950s by a Puerto Rican University professor called Ramon Lopez-Irizarry, these days it can be found on cocktail lists the world over.

Despite its many admirable qualities, not everyone’s a fan of the spicy flavours of rum. Thankfully, there’s an alternative for those who still want a delicious Pina Cola - the Chi Chi. It’s pretty simple; instead of mixing dark and light rum, we substitute them for vodka.

While there are quite a few ingredients in a Chi Chi, there’s only really one step. So, to begin: dig your blender out of the cupboard and throw in a cup of crushed ice. Pour in two parts vodka, two parts thickened cream to four parts pineapple juice. Shake over a dash of bitters, and then add the most important ingredient, Coco Lopez, a coconut drink invented by Don Lopez-Irizarry himself.

Whizz the ingredients for 15 seconds and pour into a glass, then garnish with a slice of pineapple and a maraschino cherry.


Chi Chi


Crushed Ice

Thickened Cream

Pineapple Juice

Coco Lopez



Maraschino Cherry

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