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Mix Your Own with Bike Couriers MDMA


Last month, Broadsheet and the Cocktail Revolution gave workplaces in Sydney and Melbourne the opportunity to learn the basics of mixing drinks. The response was overwhelming; hundreds of businesses in dozens of industries entered for a chance to learn how to mix their own.

We chose six of our favorite entries, and rocked up with Dave Kerr from Melbourne bar The Beaufort, and a boxful of booze - for a special Friday afternoon drinks.

For our final Mix Your Own Masterclass, we sat down in Flagstaff gardens with the crew from the Melbourne District Messenger’s Association for a well-deserved knock-off drink (for us all).


CREV: What exactly do you guys do?

MDMA: We are bicycle couriers, so we deliver packages from A to B via bicycle at the request of clients within certain time frames.


It seems like pretty physical work.

The work is definitely physically demanding and it can be challenging being on the road sometimes. If you like riding your bike around it’s great, and the expectations and other stress factors of more conventional jobs are just not there.


Do you guys do after work drinks often?

We usually meet at the end of the week for a drink or two. Sometimes on a quiet day for a few.


Why is it important to hang out for a knock-off drink after work?

It's good to get together to share the trials and tribulations of being on the road because you are out there mostly alone. I think it is also important to foster and continue the already strong sense of community amongst bike couriers and messengers not only locally but internationally.


Which bars in Melbourne do you like to hang out in?

The ones that will have us; The Drunken Poet, Public Bar, The Beaufort and The Vic.


What is it that appeals to you about the venue?

Each has there own appeal. The Drunken Poet; locality, happy hour & stout; Public Bar used to be the local. The Vic and The Beaufort for the relaxed vibe and friendly staff.


What did you take away from the Mix Your Own Sessions?

Ice can make all the difference.

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