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Multi-sensory Mixing

Photo credit: Jim Wilson/The New York Times


You could be forgiven for thinking you're ordering your favourite drink on just the taste of it. Sure you like the look of it too, but what's buried in your brain is probably the smell because, apparently, smell lasts longer in your memory than other senses. That'll be why bars across America are looking to drop Mandy Afetl's concoctions in their glasses. Seems perfume no longer belongs just on the wrist. Scents are showing up in martinis, margaritas and more; so chances are if you're in one of New York's best bars, such as Momofuku Ssam Bar, that killer multi-sensory drinking experience is thanks to the Californian and her edible perfumes. When we've tapped most of the ingredients already at our disposal already this sure makes for a clever way to make some unforgettable new favourites.

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