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It’s one thing to enjoy a drink in your lounge, it’s a bit different to be forced into it. Residents in Thomastown, Georgia, are only now being given the chance to enjoy mixed drinks with their meals in restaurants. The ‘liquor by the drink’ ballot will be put to a referendum in November of this year, after the Country Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to allow the 9000 odd residents of the tiny town to vote on the issue.

Even though they’re well behind the times, support isn’t necessarily forthcoming. Reverend James Wall is against the idea, wondering out loud where the push is coming from, ‘Who brought this to you anyway? One or two people in the community? As it was noted at the town hall meeting, it was definite the people there were against bringing this back to a vote.’ And while the change is most likely motivated the by the economic necessities that drive restaurateurs, Wall isn’t ready to care, ‘I will do all I can to sway people to look at who their commissioners are and make them reconsider their votes. I’m not trying to threaten you guys, but I have a concern for our people in this community and I hope you do too.’

A dry town is certainly quaint and charming in the ‘oh, let’s observe this from afar’ way that these things tend to be, but the Reverend’s attempts at stifling this from being put to a fair vote of the towns citizens is a bit noxious. Luckily, cocktail drinkers have a friend in Commissioner Steve Hudson, who replied, ‘In the recent town hall meeting and the numerous comments I have heard show me we have a difference of opinion in this community about alcohol. I, nor anyone on this board, condones drinking. However, for 10 years I have heard from many citizens who question why we do not have liquor sales in Upson County.’

Gelato Messina-Inspired Cocktails

We chat to Luke Hanzlicek of The Victoria Room to discuss his latest source of inspiration.

Don't Waste the Wine

You opened a bottle of wine a few days ago and only drank a glass or two. Not really wanting to waste your purchase, the bottle remained but has now gone slightly bad. Never fear, you have just been presented with the perfect beverage mixing opportunity.

Spiking the Punch

Pop culture has taught many of us to associate punch with fun and cheeky scenarios, such as college inspired films, prom-night related scenes or on the other hand, slow and boring family functions.

Cooking with Alcohol

Our parents have fed us booze since we were kids. Think about it - rum and raisin ice cream, butterscotch sauce, brandy pudding, steak and Guinness pie - the list goes on and on.

A Sailor's Choice

Enjoyed by our great explorers when the sails were full of warm air and relied upon as they battled vicious swells, rum was present during some of history's most famous and successful conquests. 

Seasonal Cocktails

Thinking about what's in season, is sometimes all the inspiration you need.

Let's Stay in Tonight

Heading out for a night on the town isn't always as appealing or straightforward as it seems. It's not about the company you will share or fear that you won't enjoy the venue. Sometimes you're just honestly lacking in motivation. So why not throw an extravagant weekend party at yours? Here's why you should.

A Contemporary Take on Some Classic Cocktails

Martinis, mojitos and the timeless old fashioned 'how come cocktails that were popular a century ago continue to remain the choice of drinkers all over the world today?'

Worldly Offerings

Pioneered by some smart thinking Italians, the aperitif is a refreshing drink, traditionally served to ignite one's appetite. A marker for that time of the day when your work is done and the time is ripe to loosen your neckties and kick off your shoes.

House Infused

Infused spirits are easily created at home. All that is needed are a few key ingredients, a spare jar or two, and perhaps a dishwasher (we'll come back to that in a minute). Use your imagination and consider how bold and complex your spirit and flavouring ingredients are and how the eventual flavour of the infusion might complement some cocktails.

The Bar Stool

How many times have you truly observed your surrounding furniture when consuming a drink? Did you ever think that sitting up at the bar could influence your social mood?

The Espresso Martini

Considering our nation's caffeine addiction, it's really no surprise that coffee cocktails are infiltrating our late night drinking habits too.

Allow me to Introduce Myself

It's funny how we admire people with cool jobs; jealous of how they live their lives and what they do on a day-to-day basis. Interestingly enough, they are just like us and enjoy a drink every now and then just as we do…

The Breakfast Cocktail

Celebrating an occasion with the first meal of the day is a brilliant idea. So why do it with something as basic as champagne?

With a Cherry on Top

Don't be too quick to judge the maraschino cherry. In the cocktail world, the staple red garnish is often seen the overly familiar, flashy chain-smoking aunt with a penchant for leopard print, bright red lipstick and big hoop earrings.

In the Comfort of My Own Home

The life of a chef or bartender at home is one that intrigues us for several reasons.

Fantastically Fresh

Basil is a herb synonymous with spring and summer cooking.

You Need to Know About This

Made from a selection of herbs and aromatics, bitters is a humble ingredient, which is often misunderstood, but bursting with all the right flavours.

Visual Appeal

Tom Blachford spends his days creatively photographing drinks and food, constantly on the search for an enticing visual appeal.

Shaken or Stirred

Breaking down the classic cocktail debate…

Picnic Prepared

Who doesn't enjoy a nice picnic? It is the perfect leisure activity, combining much loved outdoor locations, great company and best of all, good food and drink.

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Melbourne's Malthouse Theatre manages to attract and entertain even the most reluctant theatre dabblers - you know, those ones who believe that plays are for silver-haired, bespectacled people who like to swill their wine.

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2013 marks Andrew Upton and Cate Blanchett's final year together as Artistic Directors of Sydney Theatre Company, but they're going out on a high.

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It takes a long time to get to Freetown, and when you finally step off the plane, you feel a very long way from home.

Multi-sensory Mixing

You could be forgiven for thinking you're ordering your favourite drink on just the taste of it.

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