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There are times when you don’t really want to leave the house and put your pants on, but you’re craving a cocktail so instead of begrudgingly reaching for those pants, you decide to partake in a bit of at-home mixology. This all seems to work in theory, but there are in fact a myriad of ways you could stuff it up.

Sure it sounds simple, except for the pants part, but even the simplest cocktails can slip you up. Huffington Post recently compiled a list of cocktail mistakes that even the most seasoned mixer might overlook from time to time.

The most common mistakes are reaching for lots of cheaper ingredients. Quantity over quality will leave you with what you deserve—a cheap tasting concoction. 

Another blunder that slips through the cracks is using any old ice. There is indeed such a thing as shabby ice, think about that bucket that’s been sitting in the freezer for a while and acquires a funky smell. This funk makes its way into your cocktail, and it’s not the good, dance-inducing kind.

It pays to watch your expiration dates.  Vermouth is the cornerstone to many classic cocktails, but most people don’t know it only lasts about a month from the time you crack it open. It’s fortified wine after all, so as unfortunate as it is to throw out that litre bottle after only making two martinis, it’s for the best.

Adhering to these simple, but frequently ignored rules in your home bar will allow you to enjoy swanky cocktails without ever having to put on pants.


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