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Spiking the Punch

With endless possibilities, punch is quite the mood lifter.

Pop culture has taught many of us to associate punch with fun and cheeky scenarios, such as college inspired films, prom-night related scenes or on the other hand, slow and boring family functions. However, what you may never have realised, is that this party starting, fruit-driven beverage allows for complete creative control and best of all, ultimate convenience.

Historically, punch has been made by only using a few standard ingredients. Invented in India, the original combination included alcohol, lemon, tea, sugar, and spices, but as an uplifting refresher, the drink has evolved to combine intriguing alcohols with various fruits and appealing mixers.

Easy to make, punch is something that can be creatively mixed, based on whatever is available and what your taste buds feel like. Simply choose your favourite ingredients or utilise what you already have and stir -vodka, rum, gin and even liqueurs with an abundance of mixers, fruits, syrups and cordials.

The beauty of seizing this opportunity lies in the fact that the tools you need are already scattered throughout your kitchen! A large bowl or pot and ladle are all you really need.

Or you could just create a small amount in a jug to share, but to be perfectly honest; any sized serving is equally effortless to pour for different groups. Just multiply or subtract the ingredients.

Get inventive and think outside of the box - use some spices, sugar syrup and jams. Go tropical and add a fun blend of fruits, add ice for immediate serving, or leave the mix in the fridge over night, allowing the beverage to chill and the flavours to blend.

Some ideas to get you started: gin, sloe gin, Schweppes lemonade, available berries, and sliced up stone fruit, or alternatively, vodka, Schweppes orange and passion fruit mineral water, orange juice, mango puree, orange slices and mint.

The process is evidently straightforward and any elements can be enhanced with an extra dash of sugar syrup, citrus juices, or cordial. Punch time equals party time. You are in control.

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