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The Mojito

Cool down this summer with an indulgent Cuban classic.


An all time favourite, the perfect mix of white rum, sugar syrup, mint, crushed ice and soda water has made the Mojito an incomparable crowd pleaser all over the world.


Originating in Cuba, this refreshing cocktail dates back to the late 1500s, when it was initially known as 'El Draque', or 'The Dragon'. First created by an English pirate going by the name of Richard Drake, it has been speculated that the pirate constructed the beverage in honour of his captain, Sir Francis Drake and named the drink in reference to his fiery character.


Sailing all over the Caribbean and Central America, the pair grew a fondness for Cuba's punchy rum and passed on the recipe everywhere they travelled. Now known as an absolute party staple and cocktail bar favourite, it's nice to know that the drink has barely changed and still holds the same appeal for us as it did for a pair of renegade pirates, centuries ago.


A no-brainer combination of sweetness, fresh, fragrant herbs and crushed ice was all it took for this single beverage to leave a lasting legacy. And the best part about it? We all have a creative and fun-loving pirate to thank.


So if you're after something to cool down with and treat yourself to this summer, don't go past the Mojito. But make sure you do it right!


You will need:


  • 10 fresh mint leaves
  • quality white rum
  • limejuice
  • sugar syrup
  • Schweppes soda water
  • crushed ice


Bruise the mint by clapping it in one motion in between your hands. Add it to a tall glass followed by a good dash of rum, limejuice and sugar syrup. Half fill the glass with crushed ice and give it a brief stir. Finish by topping up with more crushed ice, a dash of soda water, and then garnish with a mint sprig along with a lime wedge. Serve with straws.

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