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The Perfect Apron


The Cocktail Revolution is about taking risks. There will always be casualties amids the drips, splashes and spills., That white shirts, that new dress and those suede loafers  need a stylish form of defence.


At Melbourne's Gorski and Jones, each of the bartenders and wait staff wear chic, clean, indigo denim aprons that combine form and function. The quality of the denim, the style of the cut, the smooth leather strap, along with the clever placement of pockets makes these aprons as highly functional as they are sophisticated. It's little surprise that they've become something of trademark for the venue.


Designer Troy Strebe, of Nobody Denim, originallycreated the apron for himself, protecting his clothes while spending long, messy hours in the factory. And being a designer, of course, he wanted to look good.


“After making it, there was this bond that happened between us," he says. “I loved it, I wore it everywhere. It was kind of my shtick."


It wasn't until he was having a beer at Gorski and Jones one night that he thought, “This place is amazing…how smart would the staff look in the apron!"


Designed to complement both men and women, the apron is nothing but good stuff. That's raw 12 ounce 100 per cent cotton and natural indigo rope dyed selvage denim from Japan. The neck strap is made from waxed Italian leather, hand cut by Strebe himself. The top pocket also has a unique horseshoe-shaped stitch for “good luck".


In terms of functionality, we wouldn't be surprised if Batman is lining up to get one. The top pocket comprises three layered pockets, one of which can be fastened with a button. Then there is a spacious waist pocket that's easy to reach into without digging around too much. Finally, the pièce de résistance:a stiff leather pocket that doubles as a bottle opener.


The apron is an expression of Strebe's zeal for denim as a material. For him, denim is “the map of our journey, the diary of our experiences and the reflection of our personality".

“It's a completely dynamic fabric in so many aspects, from the way it moulds to our bodies to the way it collects its own unique patina based on its experience."

And when made right, it lasts forever. “Denim's longevity originally stemmed from the fact that it is an extremely durable fabric. Up until the 1950's it was always considered ‘workwear'," Strebe explains. “I made this apron to last a lifetime."

That said, Strebe is convinced there is always room for denim in fashion.

“There is absolutely no way that denim could ever go out of style."

But why is style important, even if it's just behind the bar at home? “Style is a way of life," Strebe says. “It's the way you do things, from how you wear your jeans to how you shake your mojito. Style adds interest to everything you do and allows you to express yourself without saying a word. Style is your interpretation of the world and you should never hold back from expressing it, even if you're by yourself."

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