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Top 5 Exotic Vodka Cocktails

Take your spirits off the beaten track with our top 5 most exotic vodka recipes. No magic potions or ‘mixology’ skills required here. Just a bit of imagination, delicious ingredients and the courage to try something different.


Spice Tree

This concoction of Agrum, vodka and chili is like fire and ice in a glass. Think you can handle the heat?


Berry Bush

Why beat around the bush? Infuse your vodka with berries and never look back.



Lychees, lemongrass and lime in a cocktail. It’s like a one-way ticket to Thailand.


Flemington Fling

Imagine yourself in a marquee at Flemington racecourse, sipping the high life with good friends. 


Pompelmo Spritz

What’s more exotic than Pink Grapefruit? Saying it in Italian. Mmm, Pompelmo Spritz. Grazie
Spring 220x240
Five springtime cocktails

If you haven’t noticed, Spring has sprung around us. 

Picutre of Sir Francis Drake inventer of the Mojito
World's Oldest Cocktail

Next time you're at a party, inventing a brand new cocktail out of whatever you can find in the kitchen, have a think about the first cocktail ever made.

lava lamps you can drink3
Drinkable Lava Lamps

Imagine a cocktail that that never gets diluted by ice and magically changes flavours half way through...

Bartender with Apron
The Perfect Apron

The Cocktail Revolution is about taking risks. There will always be casualties amids the drips, splashes and spills...

MoVida Sangria 220x280
Creating Some Top Shelf Sangria with MoVida

If you've ever lost yourself in the backstreets of a Spanish city, you'd notice that there's something seductive...

Christmas Eggnog 220x290
Christmas Eggnog

Here in Australia, we still celebrate Christmas by gorging on dishes influenced by the traditions of our European ancestors.

Hair of the Dog 220x300
The Perfect Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary has long been the poster boy for hangover cures, up there with anything deep fried and handfuls of Berocca.

Sour Cocktails 220x3
The Sour Cocktail

A basic combination of citrus, sugar syrup and your poison of choice, the sour cocktail is a fundamental staple for bartenders of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. 

Frozen Blended Cocktails 220x240
Cool Down With a Frozen Blended Cocktail

Each summer, when the mercury finally rises to a temperature that is no longer pleasant and suddenly unbearable, we often seek out new ways to cool down.

Margarita 220x270
The Margarita

A fantastic tequila-based cocktail, the margarita combines a perfect blend of tequila...

Lynchburg Lemonade 220x240
The Lynchburg Lemonade

Named after the hometown of Jack Daniel’sworld famous whiskey, the Lynchburg lemonade traditionally comprises one part Jack Daniels, one part triple sec, one part sour mix, a dash of lemonade and a lemon slice, along with a maraschino cherry to garnish.

Bufala Negra 220x240
The Bufala Negra

Owned and operated by Jerry Slater, Atlanta’s H. Harper Station is an American cocktail institution, responsible for the invention of a range of new and exciting drinks. 

Highball 220x240
Summer Highballin’

Served tall, highball cocktails allow for the use of only a few great ingredients, highlighted by considered mixing and a creative approach. We’ve put together a list that’s perfect for the last of summer and best of all, easy to make.

Collection of lollies
Lolly Infused Vodka

A playful take on the alcohol infusion process, this recipe is sure to make for some easy drinking…



Gin 220x240
5 Gin Cocktails to lift your spirits

We believe gin has a bad rap for making people miserable, so to prove it we pulled together our happiest gin drinks ever - guaranteed to make you smile. 

Non Alco 220x240
Naughty But Nice: Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

When you mix with the right crowd, there’s no need for mind-altering substances. Check out these non-alcoholic recipes and bring the good times without having to bust out the booze.

RUM 220x240
5 rum cocktails to bring back summer

If you’re feeling winter’s frosty bite, let these cocktail help you escape to somewhere warmer.

GingerAle 220x240
5 Ginger Ale Cocktails to warm your spirits

Wrap yourself in a warm cloud of ginger and forget it’s winter.

Teq 220x240
5 Tasty Ways to Make Friends With Tequila

Tequila: she’s the most misunderstood spirit. Introduced to most young revelers as a cheap and nasty shot, many choose to stay clear of this devil juice as they get older.

Top 5 220x240
Five smooth introductions to whiskey cocktails

If you prefer drinks with a deeper, bolder flavour, try mixing it up with whiskey.

Mint 220
5 mint inspired cocktails for summer

There’s nothing quite like the smell of mint in summer drinks. 

AustDay 220x240
5 drinks to try this Australia Day

The barbie’s sizzling, sun’s shining and the Esky’s full. We can’t think of a better occasion to try these Aussie-inspired cocktails than on the greatest day of all: Australia Day. 

Punch Cocktail
Spiking the Punch

Pop culture has taught many of us to associate punch with fun and cheeky scenarios, such as college inspired films, prom-night related scenes or on the other hand, slow and boring family functions.

Group of watermelon, Kiwi fruit and oranges
Seasonal Cocktails

Thinking about what's in season, is sometimes all the inspiration you need.

Espresso Martini on a mug
The Espresso Martini

Considering our nation's caffeine addiction, it's really no surprise that coffee cocktails are infiltrating our late night drinking habits too.

potato 220x240

Everyone loves an end of year list...

Infused Gin 220x290
Create your Own Gin Infusions

When thinking about gin and its use in cocktails, the usual suspects commonly involve the much-loved G&T, the classic gin martini and the more playful gin fizz.

Long Island Iced Tea in a jar
The Long Island Iced Tea

Containing five different alcohols, this cocktail is often the basis for a great story and never for the faint hearted.

Unknown 1
Make Your Own Vermouth

Is there a nasty old bottle of wine haunting your fridge? The gentlemen from Fitzroy’s Neighbourhood Wine have a simple and inventive way to put it to spectacular use...

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