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Top 5 Exotic Vodka Cocktails

Take your spirits off the beaten track with our top 5 most exotic vodka recipes. No magic potions or ‘mixology’ skills required here. Just a bit of imagination, delicious ingredients and the courage to try something different.


Spice Tree

This concoction of Agrum, vodka and chili is like fire and ice in a glass. Think you can handle the heat?


Berry Bush

Why beat around the bush? Infuse your vodka with berries and never look back.



Lychees, lemongrass and lime in a cocktail. It’s like a one-way ticket to Thailand.


Flemington Fling

Imagine yourself in a marquee at Flemington racecourse, sipping the high life with good friends. 


Pompelmo Spritz

What’s more exotic than Pink Grapefruit? Saying it in Italian. Mmm, Pompelmo Spritz. Grazie

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