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Top 5 Exotic Vodka Cocktails

Take your spirits off the beaten track with our top 5 most exotic vodka recipes. No magic potions or ‘mixology’ skills required here. Just a bit of imagination, delicious ingredients and the courage to try something different.


Spice Tree

This concoction of Agrum, vodka and chili is like fire and ice in a glass. Think you can handle the heat?


Berry Bush

Why beat around the bush? Infuse your vodka with berries and never look back.



Lychees, lemongrass and lime in a cocktail. It’s like a one-way ticket to Thailand.


Flemington Fling

Imagine yourself in a marquee at Flemington racecourse, sipping the high life with good friends. 


Pompelmo Spritz

What’s more exotic than Pink Grapefruit? Saying it in Italian. Mmm, Pompelmo Spritz. Grazie
Punch Cocktail
Spiking the Punch

Pop culture has taught many of us to associate punch with fun and cheeky scenarios, such as college inspired films, prom-night related scenes or on the other hand, slow and boring family functions.

Two girls with ice blocks
Cooking with Alcohol

Our parents have fed us booze since we were kids. Think about it - rum and raisin ice cream, butterscotch sauce, brandy pudding, steak and Guinness pie - the list goes on and on.

Model Boat
A Sailor's Choice

Enjoyed by our great explorers when the sails were full of warm air and relied upon as they battled vicious swells, rum was present during some of history's most famous and successful conquests. 

Cocktail made with Schweppes
Worldly Offerings

Pioneered by some smart thinking Italians, the aperitif is a refreshing drink, traditionally served to ignite one's appetite. A marker for that time of the day when your work is done and the time is ripe to loosen your neckties and kick off your shoes.

Man juicing grapefruit
House Infused

Infused spirits are easily created at home. All that is needed are a few key ingredients, a spare jar or two, and perhaps a dishwasher (we'll come back to that in a minute). Use your imagination and consider how bold and complex your spirit and flavouring ingredients are and how the eventual flavour of the infusion might complement some cocktails.

Picture of Gillian Cosgriff
Allow me to Introduce Myself

It's funny how we admire people with cool jobs; jealous of how they live their lives and what they do on a day-to-day basis. Interestingly enough, they are just like us and enjoy a drink every now and then just as we do…

Strawberries and lemon in bowls
Visual Appeal

Tom Blachford spends his days creatively photographing drinks and food, constantly on the search for an enticing visual appeal.

Lady making cocktails with perfumes
Multi-sensory Mixing

You could be forgiven for thinking you're ordering your favourite drink on just the taste of it.

A cocktail with clouds
Cloudy with a Chance of Cocktails

Sci-fi movies have been promising food and drink tablets that deliver our dietary needs for years now.

Picutre of Sir Francis Drake inventer of the Mojito
World's Oldest Cocktail

Next time you're at a party, inventing a brand new cocktail out of whatever you can find in the kitchen, have a think about the first cocktail ever made.

lava lamps you can drink3
Drinkable Lava Lamps

Imagine a cocktail that that never gets diluted by ice and magically changes flavours half way through...

Bartender making Strawberry Collins
Broadsheet's Bar Adventures

Broadsheet ventures out to unearth professional bar recipes that you can easily make at home...

Cocktail made from natural ingredients
Cocktail Gardens

As the molecular mixology trend of the past few years begins to recede, we're seeing a very different movement take its place...

Bottle of Aperol
Aperol Spritz with Simon Food Favourites

With spring upon us and the lure of long days at the races ahead, it's worth seeking out a drink that's refreshing, tasty, and won't leave you unable to stand after more than a couple.

stormie mills 220x240

Here, we introduce you to some creative people with cool jobs, who also enjoy normal things...

Bartender with Apron
The Perfect Apron

The Cocktail Revolution is about taking risks. There will always be casualties amids the drips, splashes and spills...

cocktail tracking bracelet
Cocktail Tracking Bracelet

Any cocktail fan could tell you that after a night of indulging, your recollection of events, let alone ingredients can be fuzzy...

Marc Holland with a skate board
Allow me to Introduce Myself

Here, we introduce you to some creative people with cool jobs, who also enjoy normal things...

Bartender making a cocktail
Broadsheet's Bar Adventures

We've all had the opportunity to enjoy our favourite drinks in some of the country's best cocktail institutions. But how to create these concoctions at home?

Peanuts mixed with Alcohol
Getting creative with some mixed nuts

Nuts are a perfect accompaniment to cocktails. Those wonderful little morsels of salty, lip-smacking deliciousness are a perfect dish to share with friends, a great conversation starter, and most importantly, they really make our drinks super refreshing.

West Winds 220x320
Making Australia's Gin with The West Winds

Gin tends to conjure images of your grandparents sitting on some antique furniture, sipping from a tumbler.

1806 Cocktail Degustation 220x270
The 1806 Cocktail Degustation

Most of us are no strangers to taking a wildcard approach to ordering cocktails. 

The Passage 8222 220x250
Broadsheet's Bar Adventures

Based in Darlinghurst, The Passage is a sleek, narrow bar, which specialises in late night drinks...

Movers and Shakers 220x240
Movers and Shakers

You, like us, have probably accumulated an army of long forgotten, second drawer kitchen utensils...

gogo 16 220x250
Broadsheet's Bar Adventures

Sister venue to Melbourne's Chin Chin, and a classic late night watering hole in its own right, Gogo bar...

Allow me to Introduce Myself Abi Crompton 220x240
Allow me to Introduce Myself

Founder and owner of storefront museum and creative place of trade, Third Drawer Down, Abi Crompton...

Bitters 220x280
A Dash of Bitters

Warm, rich and sometimes spicy, bitters can transform a cocktail by balancing its flavours and adding a whole new dimension to the drink.

Creating the Perfect Glass 220x260
Creating the Perfect Glass with Plumm and Matt Skinner

Whether we're sipping fine wine, cocktails or craft liquors and beer, drinking has become moreabout the art of taste and experience than necessity.

quinoa 220xflex
Quinoa Vodka

When Jean- Francois Daniel left his job in the spirit industry, he wasn't looking to develop a new form of vodka.

expensive 220xflex
The World's Most Expensive Cocktail

Two cocktail world records were broken simultaneously this year...

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