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Visual Appeal

Sometimes we can all admit to putting style in front of substance. And when offering our guests some drinks at home, we want to impress them, so how can we make sure they are holding something that not only tastes good, but also looks great?


Tom Blachford spends his days creatively photographing drinks and food, constantly on the search for an enticing visual appeal. 

“I'm a sucker for colour, I love bright, rich colours. I also love when dishes and drinks look like they are just begging to be tasted". Blachford explains that when working with different food and drink options, “stylists have many tricks to recreate food looking its very best, but nothing beats the real thing". 

When thinking about how we can quickly and easily put something together for our mates, we shouldn't over-complicate or over think - “I try and subscribe to the less is more philosophy, showing a tight crop with only the best details of the dish or drink." 

In saying so, Blachford advises that we should aim to focus on matching “all the elements so they are visually appealing and pleasing to the eye. This does wonders for creating excitement for your other senses". In a way, you could easily attract people to enjoy a drink, before they even know what it will taste like. 

Matching bright fruit in your drinks, and thinking about how it will taste with a large helping of ice will always appeal to anyone's thirst. Use any fruit or herbs you have lying around. The colour, along with the flavour is a must to enhance the appeal, while you also impress your guests.

“A sprig of mint looks almost as good as it tastes, so there is no real excuse to go without these options you have lying around the kitchen". Blachford thinks that a sense of imagination is the key - a sprinkle of something here, or a splash of colour there will always interest your guests. 

So what does the visual expert enjoy at home? “I'm a big fan of gin, cucumber and tonic. I love the fizz with a hint of green, something that is easy to create, looks good and tastes great. It's a no-brainer". 

Improving the presentation of what you create is something you can have fun with and be proud of doing. Try it out! You might be surprised with what you come up with.

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