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What To Do With... Cream


Cream manages to find its way into a large number of classic drinks. It had a great amount of popularity throughout the 1920s-40s as a base ingredient in sweet, dessert-like drinks that would be imbibed post dinner. Some of the drinks have been lost to time and the disco era gave cream a bad name with some terrible Pina Colada renditions turning stomachs and turning cream into the enemy.

In the right hands, it’s a great ingredient and if you’re entertaining it’s a great way to show off your skills, giving your guests a new take on boozing after dinner.

When added to soft drink, a shaken cream drink takes on an incredible fluffy texture - akin to drinking clouds. One of the more famous drinks comes from New Orleans around the 1880s: The Ramos Gin Fizz. It involves about seven minutes of shaking to make sure the ice in the shaker is completely diluted. At the height of it’s popularity, the Imperial Cabinet Saloon reportedly employed seven shakers who would pass the shakers down the line to give it the full treatment and ensure they could produce perfect drinks all night.

Unless you’ve got seven big-armed shaking mates on hand, why not try this slightly less labour intensive creamy concoction from The Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, published in 1937.


Peach Blow Fizz

50ml gin

20mls fresh lemon juice

20mls sugar syrup

15mls thickened cream

2 quartered strawberries


Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake incredibly hard. Strain the mixture into a highball glass, making sure to leave ample room in the top. Top (slowly) with Schweppes Soda Water. Garnish with a strawberry slice that will sit nicely on the fluffy cloud at the top. 

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