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This week we visit Italy for some fresh, pre-dinner inspiration.


Pioneered by some smart thinking Italians, the aperitif is a refreshing drink, traditionally served to ignite one's appetite. A marker for that time of the day when your work is done and the time is ripe to loosen your neckties and kick off your shoes. 

Central to Italian culture, the aperitif is about embracing the end of the day, where you are able to share each other's company and debrief over a drink created with whatever happens to be near at hand.

That being said, the stylish Italians have taught us to enjoy things well, employing flavours, fruits and mixers usually reserved for special occasions on a daily basis, and why not? Campari and orange juice, sweet vermouth with citrus mineral water or the classic amaro and soda are all inspiring and creative options we can learn to indulge with.

The fact that the recipes for these beverages haven't changed since the mid-1800s proves that this cocktail isn't one for trends and definitely has its place in a modern context. The concept of this drink is timeless!

Go for it, grab a bottle of amaro, next time you're at the shops and learn to appreciate this quintessential Italian favourite. Its bitterness, slight sweetness and herbal tang will whet your appetite, making the hour before dinner a daily ritual.

Spend your newly discovered, favourite time of the day by whipping up a bitter Collins or two: Muddle a few wedges of lemon at the bottom of glass, and then pile on the ice. A good lick of the amaro, along with a top up of some lemon and lime mineral water will have you changing up your daily routine within a sip or two.

When the working day is over, you shouldn't have to think about how you can appropriately relax or wind down. Take a leaf out the Italian book and begin your own aperitif hour.

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