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Campari is as Italian as Ferraris, gondolas and good looking tanned guys with long hair. 

Bitters is a magical ingredient. It is to bartenders what salt is to chefs.

Mocktails have as much history as their non-mocked namesake the cocktail. 

Beer is a magical liquid, created by chance around 9500BC. 

Pimm’s Number 1 Cup was named by James Pimm in 1823.   

Triple Sec is one of the most widely used liqueurs in the world today. 

The history of Dry Ginger Ale goes back further than you might think.

A rich history and a strict set of rules make this spirit one of prestige, mystery and exclusivity.

Peruvians and Chileans have fought for centuries over who makes better Pisco and who made it first.

Synonymous with gin, tonic water is as British as the Queen’s Corgies and cucumber sandwiches.

The magical spirit that initiates so many into the world of drinking is approached with trepidation by many a drinker.

Absinthe has been the source of more legends and tall tales than almost any other spirit.

The cane spirit made famous by literary heroes such as Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson is also the key ingredient in the world’s biggest selling cocktail. 

American Whiskey is often thought of exclusively as bourbon, but it has a few cousins that make up a big chunk of the market. 

Soda might seem like a simple premise, but it took several men a long time to get those bubbles in our water.

The favoured tipple of icons from Napoleon Bonaparte to Snoop Dogg, it’s time to rethink Brandy and get back on the grape train. 

Vermouth is cool again with new producers offering a fresh take on a fusty old drink.

The clear, pure, flavourless spirit that outsells any other has a strong history, but it’s shorter than you might think. 

Gin, having recently fallen by the wayside and giving way to its flavourless cousin Vodka, gin is enjoying a comeback. 

Home mixologists are spending time and money searching for the best ingredients they can find, but they may be overlooking the secret to a great drink: good ice.

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