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Since medieval times, people have been enjoying eggnog at Christmas. 

It’s Christmas time, and what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a cocktail?

There is really only one cocktail that has been made in the history of the universe that is able to be drunk at breakfast. 

American Whiskey is often thought of exclusively as bourbon, but it has a few cousins that make up a big chunk of the market. 

Owned and operated by Jerry Slater, Atlanta’s H. Harper Station is an American cocktail institution, responsible for the invention of a range of new and exciting drinks. 

Closely associated with tiki-themed drinks of the 1940s, the coconut was once prized as a versatile cocktail ingredient for several of its fine attributes. 

An obscure flavour combination, the mix of strawberries and bourbon is a taste that you really need to try to believe.

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