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Like fine wine, cocktails can also be improved with age. 

One of the all-time favourites for summer is, of course, the Mojito. 

Spend the best time of the year with a cocktail to suit the very occasion.

Bartenders seem to churn through world records faster than tiny umbrellas, every week a shaker-flipping expert has claimed another (brief) place in the record books.  

Campari is as Italian as Ferraris, gondolas and good looking tanned guys with long hair. 

This fancy version of the eternally popular Negroni is sure to catch on (fire). 

Every few weeks, we visit the working studio of a creative company and make some end-of-week drinks with them. 

Produced exclusively in Scandinavia, aquavit (or akvavit) is a potent grain or potato-based spirit that is often compared to gin and anise-based alcohols.

When ordering cocktails, we often ask the bartender for their recommendations, or if we really trust their knowledge of our tastes and favourite ingredients, simply leave the decision up to them. 

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