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As spring prepares to, well, spring, it’s time to head out into the garden with a delicious punch in hand.

Delicious quinces will still be in season for a few weeks, so get in while you can with this Gin Quince Sour.

Mint is a great herb. It grows easily, its smell is magnificently refreshing...

Rhubarb is one of those flavours that rarely appear on the cocktail menu. But its slightly sweet, slightly tart taste makes for a perfect boozy iced tea.

Cloves are an all too rare addition to cocktails, but this clove-infused julep is a delicious exception to the rule.

Stop and smell the roses, then drink them with Hendrick’s Gin.

Soda might seem like a simple premise, but it took several men a long time to get those bubbles in our water.

Staying alcohol free for a night isn’t all that bad.

For the third and final round of our bartender masterclasses, we dropped into the Asian-Americana setting of Santa Barbara for a few creative cocktail lessons.

Together with Schweppes, the first in our series of bartender masterclasses took place over the weekend, with Dave Hobbs of SweatShop and host Dave Kerr showing some Broadsheet readers exactly how to drink creatively by stirring, squeezing, dashing and shaking their way through a selection of bar-quality cocktails, perfect for making at home. 

Building their brand around one of cocktail making's most intriguing ingredients...

Invented by the godfather of American mixology, Jerry Thomas, the Tom Collins is a summertime favourite...

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