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Spend the hottest few months with a little indulgence.

Spend the best time of the year with a cocktail to suit the very occasion.

Agave syrup is the natural sugar extracted from the agave plant, made famous for its use in tequila. 

Orange juice is a miraculous substance: first cultivated in China in 2500BC, we’ve been drinking this stuff for breakfast for 5000 years.

There is a finite window of opportunity in the season of this country when it’s possible to run out to your nearest regional town and pick cherries to your hearts content. 

Dating back to mid-1940s America, El Diablo is one of those speakeasy-style drinks that appeared in the classic cocktail dictionary, Trader Vic’s Book of Food and Drink. 

Tequila: she’s the most misunderstood spirit. Introduced to most young revelers as a cheap and nasty shot, many choose to stay clear of this devil juice as they get older.

Every few weeks we visit the working studio of a creative company and make some drinks with them at the end of the week. 

We’re making a Long Island Ice Tea even longer.

Fight the plight with a blue Frostbite cocktail filled with all your favourite ingredients.

The magical spirit that initiates so many into the world of drinking is approached with trepidation by many a drinker.

With the winter months moving in, who can be blamed for needing a bit of a pick-me-up?

While nothing goes better with a Hendricks and Tonic (forget lemon), there are some even more captivating uses for the humble cucumber

Tequila is to Mexico as beer is to Germany, or wine is to France.

For the third and final round of our bartender masterclasses, we dropped into the Asian-Americana setting of Santa Barbara for a few creative cocktail lessons.

Containing five different alcohols, this cocktail is often the basis for a great story and never for the faint hearted.

For round two of our bartender masterclasses, we dropped into Black Pearl for a few lessons in cocktail creativity.

For round two of our bartender masterclasses, we swung by The Sailors Club to mix a few drinks at cocktail hour.

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